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Incandescent lamps (light bulbs) create light by running electricity through a thin filament, thereby heating the filament to a See details

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On average, in a commercial or multi-dwelling residential building with garages and stairways, lighting typically accounts for 45% to 55% of energy See details

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LED-Mark Technologies Inc. is a progressive customer oriented supplier of lighting products, servicing the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional markets, mainly in the Greater Toronto Area. Our primary focus is replacement of T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes (CFL) with LED lights. Such retrofitting would result in savings of 80% energy used for lighting and, combined with government rebates, offers a great ROI - less than 1 year. At LED-Mark Technologies Inc. we provide our customers with a one stop shop for all their lighting requirements. As your hub supplier we consolidate all your purchases with one vendor... read more...

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